Flipkart Big Shopping Days Offers 25th –27th May 2016

Flipkart presents Big Shopping days backfrom May 25th-27th 2016. This Flipkart Big Shopping days May 2016 is available for both Desktop and Mobiles users.Now it’s time to Big Shopping days May 2016 Offers and discounts. They Have 100% genuine products, Flipkart provides hassle free returns and 100% secure shopping. The Big Shopping Days will be applicable for all categories.


Flipkart Big Shopping Days Game :

Play the game Starting May 20th and Get a chance to win the Exciting prices . Flipkart Big Shopping Days Game is only available at Flipkart Mobile App.

Keep remember Big Shopping Days Game is available for Latest Version of Flipkart Mobile App Only.

Get a chance to Wins ExcitingPrices like Gift Vouchers , TVs, Gold Coins, Make up combos, Back packs, Washing machines, And Many More prices.

The Big Shopping days Game is starts from today. start fun today on Playing Snakes and Ladders game. Play Big shopping days Game from today and win the exciting prices. Play the game on App Only.

If you are using old version of flipkart Mobile app. Update now and reopen the flipkart app then play the Game and win the prices.

Download Flipkart Mobile App >here

If you had any Queries about this Flipkart the Big Shopping days please Comment below. we are ready to help you.

How to Participate in Big Shopping Days Game :

  1. Download the latest version of Flipkart Mobile APP .
  2. Flipkart Big Shopping days game is valid for current/ New Users also.
  3. For playing the game user needs a ‘chance’ / ‘life’ to play 1 round of the game.
  4. Each game is timed & users must finish within that time else the game ends automatically
    • The timer starts when user clicks Play.
    • The timer cannot be paused for any reason. Eg: kill the app, put in background, receive a call or go to some other app, internet connection issue etc.
    • All rewards earned in the game are assigned to the User. The User does not need to complete the game to retain these.
  5. It’s A single player Game.
  6. Tap to dice to Start Rolling  and Move forwarding on the Game Board.
  7. Internet Connection is necessary to play Game.

Flipkart Big Shopping days Game T & C :

  1. Not supported on desktop, FK lite or on the win10 desktop app.
  2. For 1st party Offers, you will have to redeem the Offer by purchasing it (at reward price) during the validity period of the offer.
  3. Any 3rd party offers, an email with offer and redemption details will be sent to you.

How to view My Rewards in Flipkart App :

  • My Rewards page: accessed at the game start & end screens.
  • Under My Accounts > My Rewards (only if the user has won at least 1 reward).
  • On a product page of that particular product.
  • For More T &C Read here.

1) Electronics Offers :

Looking forward to buy a new mobile? Want to change your old laptop? Want to gift your mother or father a new TV set? Want to gift an advanced camera to your sister? Want to relieve your wife from the duty of washing clothes by gifting her a beautiful washing machine?
Then you need not go anywhere else, except for visiting flipkart website or app on any of the dates mentioned above. Once you visit the flipkart, you realize that there are thousands of electronic items that you can enjoy discounts and offers on.

a. Be Smart By Buying A New Smartphone At A Discounted Price

You will surely enjoy awesome discount and exchange offers on smartphones from popular brands like Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Sony, XIAOMI, Levovo, OnePlus, HTC, etc. You can also enjoy offers on different mobile accessories as well. So if your earphones are not working or your pet has chewed the wire of your charger, wait for a 15th May and buy the accessories during the BIG SALE period.

This is perhaps the best period to buy a phone to gift to a loved one. If a family member has been waiting for long to buy a new smartphone for himself, you can exchange his old phone and enjoy more discounts on the prices.

b. Discounts On ‘Laptops’

How about getting rid of your old laptop this festive season? If Someone isn’t gifting you anything, you can surely gift something gorgeous to your own self. Make yourself feel special this Holi season by gifting yourself a laptop from famous brands like LENOVO, ASUS, HCL, ACER, DELL, Apple, etc.

Stop being harassed by your stupid laptop; it is time for you to bring a new baby to your house by buying a beautiful laptop. I am sure your partner is going to love it, too! It is like buying something for the entire family.

c. Awesome Deals On TVs

Why are your parents still watching their favorite TV shows on the old television? Why are you making their eyes suffer so bad? Why don’t you have a separate TV in your own room to enjoy privacy? Does your wife nag you by her TV serials, every night? Do you want to see your favorite sport, when she is outside in the living room, watching her own favorite TV soaps?

Then DO NOT go anywhere else; simply enjoy the great deals on Television sets by waiting for the GREAT sale before this year ends. You are going to LOVE it all!

2) Discounts On Home And Kitchen Items :

If you have recently complained your wife about the dull appearance of your house or some of your friends have started making you jealous about how good their home interiors are, then it is time for you to bring something new to your home.

It doesn’t matter if you want to refurnish your living room or bring something new to your kitchen, all that matters is that you make a list of furniture that you wish to buy and then utilize the sale period to save money on awesome furniture brands. Don’t let this awesome deal go off your hands!

3) Style Up By Enjoying Fashion & Lifestyle Products:

Fashion has its own demand in the market. No matter how old you get, there is always a special place for fashion in your heart. In fact, even the kids have their own style now, due to which, there is a tremendous demand for kids’ garments as well as accessories.

Here’s an amazing tip for you – if you want to gift affordable branded products to your loved ones, buy different watches, jewelries, sunglasses and other such items and keep them in stock. Once you save such items, you can always gift them to different people in future. The best thing is that you buy them at affordable prices and branded gifts are always appreciated by people.

From men’s clothing to women’s ethnic wear, from kids’ clothes to toddler’s shoes, there is absolutely nothing that is not going to have discounted rates for you this season. Even if you want to buy sunglasses, you can do so on this e-shop. As soon as the first day of sale arises, make sure that you are one of those first few people, who enjoy the discounted prices.

4) Special Discount For All The Citibank Card Users:

And guess what… your card of CitiBank is going to HELP you enjoy more discounts during this SALE period! All you need to do is use your citibank card to make the payment, after adding different things into your cart.

You can use either your debit card or credit card to make the payment for the products that you like. The steps are simple – once you logon to the Flipkart, go through the products that you wish to. You can take your own sweet time to explore all the product categories and then select those that interest you the most. However, it is suggested that you don’t waste time by turning into a window-shopper because such a SALE PERIOD would not come for a long period of time.

Keep scrolling through the pictures of different products and keep adding the ones, which you wish to buy, to your cart. You can buy as many products as you wish to. Fill the endless cart with all the products that you desire for and then go ahead with the checkout for the products.

Once you checkout, use your citibank credit or debit card to avail MORE 10% discount on the products that you wish to purchase. However, there is one thing that you need to remember – you must have a minimum transaction of Rs.4,999. The maximum cash back that you can enjoy is Rs.2,000, which is an amazing deal for all the customers, who wish to buy maximum products at minimum prices.

So – if you have an citibank card in your hand, consider yourself lucky, because not all the people are going to enjoy additional discounts on the products that they would purchase during the SALE period. When you checkout for the products, make sure that you use your SCB card ONLY for the payment, to enjoy the discount.

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